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Full Exhaust Systems

At GoodFabs we create full exhaust systems froms scratch up to heat shielding and everything in between.


GoodFabs has been making full race exhaust systems for race teams since 1984 - including over 30 years for F1. We currently fabricate, assemble and organise all sourcing and finishing (heat treatment, shot peening, coating, heat shielding) of machined, 3D printed, pressed, formed and cast components that make a full system.

We supply exhaust parts, including full systems to Indy Car, Le Mans, NASCAR, WRC, RallyCross and various Touring Car series.

In 2019 we designed, fabricated and supplied the full exhaust system for BTCC winners West Surrey Racing, described here

We can design or help design a system from scratch or work from fully designed CAD drawings supplied by the customer.

GoodFabs fully hand made exhaust system.

GoodFabs fully hand made exhaust system.

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