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a) Are Ibadah Tracker apps available for Android and IOS users?

This application is available for both Android and IOS users. Register on the right plan, and we will provide a link to download from Android and IOS.

d) What if you forget to record the Ibadah the day before?

Do not worry! Parents and students can use 'backdated submission' features at the AWARD POINTS page and change the date at the CHANGE DATE button.

c) What is the list of Ibadah listed in the Ibadah Tracker application?

Solat tarawih 2 rakaat (max 10x) - 2 markah
Solat Dhuha 2 rakaat (max 6x) - 2 markah
Membaca Quran (1 Juzu) (max 2x) - 10 markah
Hafal Al-Quran 1 muka - 10 markah
Qiam (max1x) - 10 markah
Maathurat (max 2x) -5 markah
Sedekah (max 6x) -5 markah
Witir (max1x) - 2 markah
Membantu keluarga (max 10x) - 5 markah
Mempercepatkan berbuka Puasa (max 1x) - 2 markah
Melambatkan Sahur (max 1x) - 2 markah
Berzikir 50x (max 5x) - 5 markah
Berpuasa (max 1x) - 5 markah
Solat Berjamaah (Max 5x) - 5 markah

e) Do all family members in FAMILY PLAN only need to log in with one password?


b) How to register for my family and me?

To register, you may choose the FAMILY PLAN HERE. Next, you need to fill in your details and your family. After you have finished registering & donating, ID login and username will be activated in an hour and login into apps.

f) How much does it cost to use the Ramadhan Ibadah Tracker application?

No fee. For Family Plan, the user must be activated by donating any amount upon completing the form.

g) If my children have register with StudentQR, what should I do?

For log in process through schools, you may refer to students school's admin or refer to this 'METHOD LOGIN'

h) If my child's school have used StudentQR, what should I do?

We will combine the child accounts of the school that signed up with the StudentQR and the family plan, and you will only need to log in with one password.

i) How long will my data be saved in the application?

The data is stored in applications and cloud servers as long as the system works. An e-certificate will be given when the program ends at the end of Ramadan.

j) What will happen at the end of Ramadhan?

Data is still stored in the application, but if you want to continue using the system, you may go to sign up. If you have any questions, you may contact Fatih at 014726 1385.

I don't want to register but I love to make donation to your app

Kindly visit this link to make donation.
We are seeking donations that might help us to upgrade and maintain the system from time to time. The cost is not cheap and your donation will be fully utilized to improve the app.

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