Unfortunately at GoodFabs we can’t always show what we are working on. That doesn’t mean we don’t do things with passion!

Luckily sometimes (after approval of the customer) we are allowed to show what the entire team has accomplished.

During the development phase of the 2019 BTCC racing season we were asked to design an equal length turbo exhaust system with a fully integrated heatshield to keep the heat inside the exhaust syste...

We've been told by our US-based tooling supplier that we probably have the largest amount of bend tooling outside the aerospace industry when it comes to mandrel bending exotic metal tube with a diameter between 1 and 3.5 inches and wall thicknesses from 0.5 - 1.5mm.

For some diameters we have half a dozen mandrels allowing us to precision bend multiple wall thicknesses. When it comes to inconel 605, inconel 718, tita...

Explaining terms used in metallurgy and welding. As they are usually very specific and a lot of the terms misunderstood,

Almost every exhaust system uses some form of a merge collector. The key role for this merge collector and the most obvious one is to combine the exhaust pipes of the different cylinder into one tailpipe, which could flow to the turbo or the tailpipe.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup regulations for example make the routing of the exhaust system and its assembly quite a challenge, especially where a reduced weight of the exhaust system is needed while maintaining reliability.

When designing a sheet metal part which is folded you need to understand what happens when a flat sheet of metal is fabricated or folded. To calculate the actual pattern dimensions you can use the bend allowance or bend deduction method.

When the piece of sheet metal is put through the cold forming process of bending, the metal on the outside of the bend is often stretched while the inside is crushed. When this happens you can...

The flow through a pipe often depends on its geometry. In exhaust systems this geometry often creates the entire gas dynamic behaviour to increase engine power.

Next to the design of an exhaust system and its gas dynamics, the induction system of the engine is equally as important. To ensure that the flow into the runners is following a smooth path, the upper bellmouth must be designed carefully.

In the automotive and motorsports industry Oxygen sensors (also known as O2 sensors) are often used to monitor the air fuel ratio in the cylinders and to control the emissions of the engine. How do these work?

The design of an exhaust system is usually a trade off between engine performance, packaging, materials available and the fabrication techniques used.

Shot peening is a separate cold working process designed to increase the exhaust life cycle by producing a compressive residual stress layer.

By having full control over the entire bending process the spring back of the metal can be controlled more quickly and cost effectively than when using hydroforming.

If you want to improve the power output of your engine you need to take into accound the exhaust dynamics and how the exhaust can be tuned to the engine.  In this article, the basic exhaust dynamics in a four stroke spark ignition engine are briefly discussed with a focus on the basics of exhaust gas dynamics.

Heat treatment is a process where the metals (inconel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) are heated and cooled in a fully controlled environment to change their microstructure and to bring these metals closer to its equilibrium state.

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