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CNC Machining at GoodFabs

CNC Machining

The fabrication of exhaust systems involves many machined parts. Clamp rings and bosses, for example, are constantly required on many development exhaust systems.

We make jigs for every part, which are machined in-house along with complex press tools.

At GoodFabs, we have invested in multiple CNC turning centres, as well as 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines, which enable us to machine all the necessary components to supply completely finished exhaust systems.

CNC Hurco Machining Centres

On top of our in-house machining capability, we work closely with several specialist machining companies who are used to producing high-quality parts in aluminium and stainless steel, and exotic materials such as inconel and titanium, within very tight timeframes to ensure that the complete exhaust systems can be delivered quickly.

With new technologies such as laser sintering becoming a major part of modern F1 exhaust systems, much of our in-house work involves machining complex DMLS parts for use as Formula 1 components.

Our team of machinists work to supply our own fabricator/ welders with components that are immediately inspected and often welded within hours of production to exhaust assemblies that need to be delivered or sent to post-fabrication processes such as heat treatment, shot peening and thermal coating.

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