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Welcome to GoodFabs

Welcome to GoodFabs

GoodFabs is an ISO 9001 accredited company based in the Motorsport Valley in the UK. We employ 30 staff dedicated to the design and manufacture of exhaust systems for engine builders, race teams and supercars.


Founded by Steve Good – an ex-McLaren fabricator – in 1982, GoodFabs has worked within top level motorsport for 40 years, including Formula 1, NASCAR and IndyCar, even supplying every car in the Indianapolis 500 at one point.


Part of GoodFabs’ success is our skill with nickel and titanium alloys in the most lightweight forms, combined with probably the most experienced workforce and best-equipped workshop outside of the aerospace industry.


We have a long-standing reputation in motorsport for fabricating thin wall specialist alloys. We are one of the only companies in the world that can bend, fabricate, press, machine, laser cut and weld inconel in wall thicknesses of 1.6mm/ 16swg/ .064 to under 0.5mm/ 22swg/ .022.


As a development partner for engine builders and race teams, we help design and fabricate exhaust systems manufactured with maximum flexibility for adjustment. Race systems are then a natural progression, which we can produce in small to medium quantities.


We have experience in many different race categories worldwide, including NASCAR, IndyCar, Rallycross, World Rally Cars, Touring and GT cars, Le Mans prototypes, one-make championships and F1. We also produce systems for supercar companies around the world.


Outside of motorsport, our expertise with specialist alloys has seen us work on a range of parts used within the marine and oil and gas sectors.


The award-winning journalist, Ian Wagstaff, specialising in motorsport and the automotive components industry, has written a full history of GoodFabs and how we became one of the world’s leading fabricators of exhausts for motorsport as well as a top manufacturer of tube and custom bends.


We have also created an illustrated timeline of The GoodFabs Story.

GoodFabs is a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster
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