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We can design press tooling and jigs, and fabricate from a CAD model with no need for technical drawings. We design our own jigs and tooling and manufacture most parts in-house.

Customer designs often do not take into account the realities of fabrication. With 25 years of manufacturing experience at the highest level, we can quickly tell if a design can be easily made or whether an alternative approach would work better or be more cost-effective.

We can often reduce costs by adapting designs to fit our extensive bend tooling set or by simplifying the design to reduce the cost of fabrication, without ever having to compromise on quality.

GoodFabs cast inconel lambda boss 02 bung

We are able to fabricate complex exhaust systems through the use of press tools that are designed in-house.

Although a more costly option than conventional tube bending, pressings give the customer complete freedom of specification and are less expensive for rapid prototyping our small run development parts than alternative methods such as hydroforming or laser sintering.

GoodFabs designs and manufactures a number of specialist component parts, such as O2 bungs and clamps that are regularly used with high-performance race exhaust systems. These parts can be purchased directly from GoodFabs.

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