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GoodFabs Amada Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the quickest and most accurate methods of cutting material.

Laser cutting, combined with our tube bending and forming, fabrication and heat shielding services, enables GoodFabs to offer a complete end-to-end service from our Buckinghamshire base.

Our Amada 1212 laser cutting machine allows us to produce high quality components from 0.4mm thick gaskets to 1.2mm silencer skins. The maximum material thickness we can laser cut is 3mm.

As with all the parts we produce, only the finest materials from trusted suppliers are used within the manufacturing process. We can provide material certificates and inspection reports for any part we produce, offering customers complete peace of mind.

How does the laser cutting process work?
For all the laser cut parts we produce, a program is created and loaded onto our Amada laser cutting machine. By carefully ‘nesting’ patterns, we can ensure minimal sheet wastage and lower costs for our customers.​

Once sheet is loaded onto the laser cutting bed and clamped into position, the program takes over and a high-powered laser is directed at the sheet, cutting out patterns from simple circular gaskets to more elaborate components used in complex fabricated assemblies.


What materials and thicknesses can we cut?
We can laser cut parts from inconel 625, titanium and stainless steel (321 & 304) in thicknesses between 0.4mm and 3mm.

​What applications can our laser cut parts be used for?
Although traditionally we have manufactured parts for top level motorsport, laser cutting is an ideal solution for the production of parts across a host of industries. These range from agricultural, marine, refrigeration, medical and other OEMs.


Equally, the parts we can laser cut can be used within motorcycle systems and small race series right through to Hyper cars and F1.

Why consider laser cutting?
Laser cutting parts for use in fabricated assemblies offers a range of benefits:

  • Improved accuracy

  • Production of complex, intricate shapes

  • A smoother, cleaner finish

  • Reduced production time and costs

​What laser cutting projects can GoodFabs facilitate?
We can cater for one-off parts or batches to suit your requirements. If you have a laser cutting project you would like to discuss, simply contact us with your requirements and one of our team will be in touch.

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