Tube Forming & Bending

90% of the exhaust systems fabricated by GoodFabs start with a piece of flat metal sheet rather than ready-made tube.  As Inconel, titanium and 321 stainless tube is not available at short notice, or in small quantities, it is more practical to form and bend sheet metal from scratch. We stock 304 stainless steel and aluminium tube in various diameters and wall thicknesses.

Having worked with Formula 1 design engineers for over 30 years, GoodFabs has built up a large supply of mandrel bend tooling to meet their requirements for multiple diameters, wall thicknesses and centre lines.

GoodFabs has the largest range of mandrel bend tooling for alloys outside areospace

GoodFabs owns a large selection of mandrel bend tooling

Although most of our tube forming, bending and pressing is for our own race exhaust programmes, we do make custom made tube, bends and pressings for engine builders, motorsport teams and custom exhaust fabricators, including our competitors.

Download our tooling chart or visit our individual Tube Forming, Tube Bending and Press Forming pages for more information and photos.

Mandrel bending vs hydro forming

Download the Goodfabs bend tooling chart