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V-Band Clamps

Our V-Band clamps consist of multiple profiled segments spot-welded to an outer strap and can withstand up to 1,100°C (gas temperature). 

We supply high quality V-Band clamps in stainless steel 316 with self-locking nuts.

Male and female V-Band rings / flanges are machined in-house to suit tube diameters from 2" (50.8mm) to 4" (101.6mm) to our own design offering a gas tight seal with easy dismantling.

We can provide these clamp rings in stainless steel, inconel 625 and titanium.​


We sell male and female V-Band rings as sets to enable easy connection and separation of exhaust sections using V-Band clamps.

This type of clamping system always requires less working space and can provide a reduction in overall weight when this is compared to the traditional bolted flange systems. In addition, the use of V-Band clamps reduces the time it takes to assemble a system in initial building programs and during service or maintenance during a racing event or dynotest.

The GoodFabs V-Band clamps are engineered to index perfectly onto the tube. The assembly of the male and female clamps are made easier because of the bespoke engagement feature on both rings. This allows for a perfect alignment to ensure the gas dynamics are not disturbed throughout the connection.

The table below shows how the male and female V-Band ring part numbers match with tube outer diameters and the corresponding V-Band clamp part number.

All rings can be provided in male (M) or female (F) although we suggest you purchase these per set unless the mating ring was also purchased from ourselves in the past.

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