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Heritage Exhaust Systems

There are many historic racing cars that still require exhaust systems or exhaust parts that can only be replicated based on the originals.


In the case of historic F1 cars we may have made the original systems back in the 80s or 90s or we may need to reverse engineer and fabricate from scratch, using the techniques and welding methods that were used at the time.

We retain mandrel bend tooling used for F1 race systems over the past 35 years and also have a stock of parts, such as flanges, that were made or possibly free-issued as original parts.

If you would like a copy of GoodFabs Motorsport Heritage, a booklet which covers the exhausts we have made since 1983 - including Ayrton Senna's Toleman to Force India's recent titanium tailpipe - let us know by emailing us at

Alternatively take a look at it in PDF format -

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