Exhaust Heat Shield Insulation​

Using an insulated heat shield around the exhaust system or the turbo can often help to increase the power output of engines with operating temperatures exceeding 800 degrees (or 1200 in Formula 1) while limiting the thermal exposure of structural components and reducing thermal fatigue (in IndyCar, NASCAR, Rally, etc) just as a ceramic thermal barrier coating does, but with better effect.


By cladding or lagging the exhaust pipes with thermal insulation the outer surface temperatures drop significantly and contain the heat energy within the exhaust system.

Inconel tube heat shielded or lagged with dimpled 0.15mm stainless steel foil spot-welded and enclosing a microthermal layer to retain heat within the system. Photo courtesy of: Elweld

With the turbo having been re-introduced to Formula 1, GoodFabs has developed unique exhaust heat management skills to create thermal insulation and heat shields which follow the exhaust contours perfectly, even with very complex geometry.


Each part is individually wrapped with insulation material (microporous or silicate fibre are the most popular) followed by spot welding a dimpled stainless steel, Inconel or titanium outer shell.


Custom-made press tools are manufactured in-house from CAD drawings to ensure that the hardcover thermal insulation shells are moulded to fit perfectly over the exhaust system.


GoodFabs can create lightweight cladding, in either integral or clamshell type, with excellent thermal properties using lightweight exotic materials such as 0.1mm thick Inconel foil.


Integral Heat Shields are spot welded on to the exhaust system while the Clamshell Heat Shield pressed shell is held together by clips or springs, making it easier to remove the outer cladding which allows mechanics to perform non-destructive testing and early crack detection on the used exhaust pipes.


Although Insulation Cladding or Lagging and Thermal Barrier Coating are effectively used for the same reason - to improve power output, fuel efficiency and improved flow characteristics and scavenging effects - sometimes one is better than the other due to economic or purely packaging reasons.

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