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Merge Collectors

Our merge collectors are designed so there is an optimal air flow and the exhaust dynamics of the exhaust system remain intact. This is achieved by the smooth angles and the internal peak on the merging points.

By having a robust slip joint while still maintaining a lightweight assembly, these collectors can be used to merge multiple pipes for motorsport applications using the hottest temperature range.

To make the assembly of the exhaust system even easier, these collectors can be provided with a bespoke tag and link assembly. This allows the system to be taken apart fully for visual inspection or the replacing of only one primary rather than the entire exhaust system.

Rather than welding the end of the collector to the tailpipe, a V-Band clamp assembly can be welded to this which allows an even easier assembly of the exhaust systems.

We can offer these collectors in various configurations, from 3-into-1 to 5-into-1 with different diameters. See our bending tooling charts for all the different pipe diameters we work with regularly. 

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