We are putting down the last details to our e-book!

We value your opinion! 

We are creating our e-book to share our knowledge on exhaust design.

The e-book already contains info about the gas dynamics, exotic materials, tube forming and bending and much more!

As this is made for you, we were wondering if you have any specific questions or topics you want us to include in our e-book in our Q&A section!

Have you seen our technical section where we provide some in depth info on exhaust design yet?

Engineering exhaust merge collectors

The challenge of designing a winning NASCAR exhaust system

How we helped Roger Clark Motorsport get their HP back

How exhaust gas dynamics work

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Atom Probe Tomography investigations of microstructural evolution in an aged Nickel superalloy for exhaust applications

Oxidation of a Nickel Superalloy in Formula 1

The use of different materials in exhausts

Titanium alloys

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