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Design and development of a full championship winning BTCC exhaust with heat shield for WSR

Unfortunately at GoodFabs we can’t always show what we are working on. That doesn’t mean we don’t do things with passion!

Luckily sometimes (after approval of the customer) we are allowed to show what the entire team has accomplished.

During the development phase of the 2019 BTCC racing season we were asked to design an equal length turbo exhaust system with a fully integrated heatshield to keep the heat inside the exhaust system.

We were provided with the CAD of the full car outlining all the constraints we had to work with, and to be honest, it was a challenge with a very tight fit to some of the constraints.

Fortunately our extensive tooling range for mandrel bending allowed us to come up with a design where the differences in length between the pipes only was 0.7mm, creating a perfectly balanced exhaust system.

With the turbo system being very close to the engine itself and the need to allow for enough space to put a fully integrated heatshield around the system, our very skilled fabricators had to be able to work within the tightest areas to be able to weld this system including the short 4 into 1 collector with turbo V-Band ring and wastegate completely.

Our years of experience in fabrication components with the highest level of detail ensured us that we could achieve what was needed.

The integrated heat shield was made with dedicated tooling to follow the tight curvatures of the exhaust system with a constant clearance to allow a very snug fit for the insulation materials.

The outer skin of the lightweight heatshield only had a thickness of 0.2mm while our uniquely designed shield pattern ensured the strength of the outer shield to be able to perform in the highest demanding conditions: RACING!

Not only the primaries were a unique example of what can be achieved using the expertise at GoodFabs.

The downpipe, cat, tailpipe and silencer were designed and fabricated to the highest standard without any compromise for the performance and clearances.

Due to the BTCC regulations we had to keep a certain ground clearance without the loss of clearance to the undercar heat shield or flow through the tailpipe.

With our experience in designing press tooling to create unique curving parts, the exhaust tailpipe was designed with an oval shape and corresponding curving transitions to allow for the underbody curvatures of the racecar.

A performance catalyst and free flow exhaust silencer made this system to be one of the best performing systems on the field.

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