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Behind The Scenes: Tube Bending At Good Fabrications

GoodFabs draws on the experience of skilled tube benders to produce the inconel and titanium tube used in many of our projects. Read on to learn more about the process.

90% of the exhaust systems fabricated by GoodFabs, start with a piece of flat metal sheet rather than ready-made tube. Generally, inconel and titanium tube is not generally available in small quantities or at short notice. For this reason, and to give ourselves as much control over the production process as possible, metal sheet is formed and bent in-house.

The process used for bending the tube is called Mandrel Bending. A linked ball insert, a Mandrel, is used to provide the bends with extra support and enables us to create bends with reduced wrinkling and without breaking the tube during the bending process.

Our tube benders have access to a wide range of tooling amassed over more than 30 years servicing the F1 industry. This allows us to accommodate the wall thickness of tube required to achieve the lightest weight possible for your exhaust and reducing the weight considerably compared to stock exhausts.

Because of our access to skilled tube benders, proficient at bending exotic metals such as inconel and titanium, combined with our ability to fabricate these metals into superior, hand-made systems, you can be sure that the tubing we produce will be of a quality that is unsurpassed and will stand the test of time.

Take a look at the short video below to see how the tube is bent.


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