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GoodFabs exhibits at PMW 2015 and is part of panel discussion

GoodFabs - Exhibits at PMW with DMLS collector integrated on Inconel exhaust

GoodFabs exhibited at the Professional MotorSport World Expo (PMW) in Cologne (11 - 13 November 2015).

We displayed our capability to combine a full DMLS collector onto a completely fabricated exhaust system.

As the environment becomes more and more important, we were proud to be part of the panel discussion on exploitation of exhaust gas energy recovery.

The panel included:

  • Didier De Lille, design engineer, GoodFabs (UK)

  • Alex Hitzinger, technical director LMP1 Project, Porsche (Germany)

  • Jaap van der Lee, turbocharger specialist, Van Der Lee Turbo Systems (Netherlands)

  • Peter Albert, executive vice president, Jaquet Technology Group AG (Switzerland)

GoodFabs Didier De Lille was part of the panel discussion at PMW 2015


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