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How to break into Formula 1: Exploring alternative paths from university or college

Working in the thrilling world of Formula 1 is a dream shared by many aspiring professionals. While F1 teams employ a vast number of individuals, there are also thousands of students studying at universities or technical colleges who yearn for a chance to be part of the UK's renowned Motorsport Valley.

In this blog post, we will explore alternative routes to enter the world of Formula 1 and shed light on the opportunities available beyond the traditional approach.


Are you seeking a career in Formula 1 straight out of university or college? Discovering the back doors to this exhilarating motorsport industry could be your ticket to success.

While the front door, ie direct application, remains a popular route, it's essential to consider that spots are limited for individuals with little work experience. That's where alternative paths, like working for suppliers to Formula 1 teams, come into play.

Established suppliers like GoodFabs, who have been providing exhaust systems to F1 for over four decades, serve as a valuable springboard for professionals making their way into the sport.

At GoodFabs, design engineers, machinists and quality inspectors have transitioned from the workshop to F1 teams, leveraging their industry experience gained through supplier roles.

So, how can you identify and connect with these companies? Most of them are members of either the Silverstone Technology Cluster or the Motorsport Industry Association, making it easier to find them online. Consider reaching out to them by submitting your CV along with a well-crafted cover letter. You might be surprised by how impactful a well-timed email or a thoughtfully written letter addressed to the managing director or the relevant department head can be.

At GoodFabs, when we have a vacancy suitable for university or college graduates, we prefer to recruit directly rather than engaging recruitment agencies that charge fees. We often begin our search on LinkedIn, so it's crucial to establish a strong presence on the platform and stay vigilant about potential job openings.

If you're truly committed to breaking into the exciting world of Formula 1, remember that there are numerous back doors waiting to be explored. Instead of solely relying on recruitment agencies, we recommend directing your focus toward the sport's supplier base. Starting your journey there will allow you to gain a profound understanding of the demands faced by F1 teams or engine builders and demonstrate your experience within the industry.

We welcome applications from recent university or college graduates. Candidates must be dedicated to applying themselves and willing to learn.

Please send your CV and covering letter to Paul Watson at


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