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4-into-1 Collector 1"3/4 to 2"3/8

This 4-into-1 collector is produced in Stainless Steel 304 material to the following dimensions:


  • Overall Length = 120mm
  • Slip Joint Length = 20mm
  • PCD = 95.5mm
  • Tube Diameter (OD) = 44.5mm
  • Final Diamater = 60.3mm
  • Internal Slip Joint Diameter = 44.6mm
  • Wall Thickness = 1.6mm


These collectors are from old stock so are offered at a reduced price.


Bespoke collectors are available on request.

4-into-1 Collector 1"3/4 to 2"3/8

SKU: SS445603120421

    GoodFabs collectors are custom made by our team of highly skilled fabricators.


    Currently they are only available online for orders within the UK but if you would like to place an order for delivery outside of the UK or for Inconel or SS321 collectors, please get in touch.

    Phone: +44 (0)1844 202850

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