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GOBSTOPPER III - Roger Clark Motorsport

The @rogerclarkmotorsport#gobstopper3 is the ultimate hill climb/Sprint car. We have been lucky enough to both manufacture and heat shield the exhaust system for this monster and as you can see below, it's quite the machine.

To appearances, the top side of a Subaru BRZ has been epoxy bonded onto the floor of a Group C car, with rear venturis to make an Aston Martin Valkyrie feel self-conscious. There’s also a rear wing to make the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS feel like a Touring and a front splitter to make a McLaren Senna GTR conscious of its jawline.

It’s all-wheel-drive by comparison to the road car’s rear-only setup and for good reason, given it’s packing 950PS (699kW) from its nitrous-infused monster EJ20 2.0-litre flat-four-cylinder engine.


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