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GoodFabs & Force India

GoodFabs work closely with several F1 teams and engine builders to discuss how components can be manufactured most efficiently once CAD designs have been released.

Force India is one of the teams who have worked closely with us since they entered Formula 1 in 2008. For example, in 2017 we worked together to fabricate the tailpipe for the VJM10, one of the team’s most successful cars to date. During the 2017 season the tailpipe was refined several times requiring detailed consultation to minimise weight and maximise performance without compromising the design.

Bob Halliwell, Production Director at Force India said: “GoodFabs is one of our longstanding suppliers with whom we work closely to make sure that we optimise both technical and cost efficiency throughout the season. As the exhaust is an area that effects both performance and weight, it is useful to work with a company that has extensive and relevant experience in high level motorsport.”

Image of GoodFabs Force India Tailpipe

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