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CMM Inspection

Central to our inspection process is the FARO Edge Arm which is a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), allowing us to measure in multiple planes with maximum flexibility using both probes and laser scanning attachments.

Bespoke software allows us to create reports showing how finished welded parts relate to original CAD models.

The machined or laser-cut parts and fixtures made by sub-contractors, or in the GoodFabs in-house machining department, go through a specific GoodFabs inspection process to ensure the quality and a smooth flow of checked parts to the fabrication teams.


Many smaller components are inspected using our dedicated CNC CMM machine. As with the Faro Arm, we can provide precision inspection with a range of reports to support our findings and meet the FAIR criteria required by many of our customers.

Our customers work closely with the inspection department and regularly visit to discuss their specific requirements and techniques to ensure that any exhaust or other fabricated parts can be accurately jigged, measured and transported at different stages of the fabrication and post-fabrication process.

All parts received by GoodFabs are checked by our inspection department before being introduced into the fabrication process and all parts leaving GoodFabs for finishing are inspected before and after any processes are carried out.

Faro Edge Arm with a laser attachment
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