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Material Traceability

At GoodFabs, the highest quality materials, sourced from some of the finest mills in the world, are used to ensure product quality is never compromised.

All materials received into our workshop are delivered with material certificates from the supplier to provide us with full material traceability.

Each certificate will denote the dimensions and weight of the material, its mill of origin, country of origin, product code, shipping dates, grade and specification details.

Sample extract from a material certificate

Sample extract from a material certificate received, recorded and tracked throughout the fabrication and inspection process at GoodFabs.

Material Traceability at GoodFabs

Upon receipt, each material certificate received by GoodFabs is scanned and stored within our internal network to create a complete material traceability library.

The material itself is laser etched with the material grade to facilitate material tracking.

During production, the materials used are recorded throughout the process.

During the process of tube forming, for example, the material used will be recorded on a Bend List and this will accompany the tube, through the bending, fabrication and finally the inspection process.

During the milling process, the material used will be recorded on the drawings, and during the inspection process, the quality inspector will use this information to upload the correct scanned material certificate to the record on our internal job tracking system.

This will form part of the pack delivered to the customer providing full material traceability and peace of mind that only the finest grade materials have been used throughout the production process, and a trail that can be followed if any issues arise in the finished part.

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