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Laser Scanning

Using the latest FARO Edge arm laser scanning attachment, GoodFabs collects point cloud data on actual fabricated exhaust or machined components.


A detailed colour map showing tiny differences between the CAD model and the fabricated component can be generated with the collected data.

A full inspection report on the deviations produced using PolyWorks software gives a perfect insight for the customer’s engineer to evaluate the tolerances.

Not only are the finished exhausts or machined parts inspected; throughout the full fabrication process, the welding fixtures, inspection fixtures and any in-house machined rings, machined bosses or other components are fully inspected before they are used.

A laser scanning capability enables GoodFabs to deliver high quality, hand-fabricated and welded components of the highest standard.

Goodfabs Inspecting a hand-fabricated exhaust system at GoodFabs using a Faro arm and Polyworks inspection software.

Laser scanning for inspection with Faro arm

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